Cassic Ho (Sihui He) is a designer and maker focus on furniture, object, and graphic design. Cassic was born and raised in China, and then earned her Advanced Diploma in Crafts + Design - Furniture program at 2015 at Sheridan College, Canada. Cassic is currently a graphic designer at Creative Graphics Inc. in Toronto.


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“Human interaction is always my inspiration. It motivates me to make tangible objects through curiosity of our emotional and physical relationships with everyday objects.

I think the subtle relationships between individuals, objects and environment bring continuous inspiration. I am engaged in a lifelong learning process of understanding substance’s essence, and solving problems among these three crucial aspects with thoughtfully researched design.

By integrating contemporary modest style and minimalist, I strive to create furniture and objects that are functionally responsible to their end-users and visually engaging in the environment. With a reverence for materials and fine quality craftsmanship, I endeavour to create pieces that are durable and sustainable in today’s throwaway society.”




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