Material: baltic birch plywood, solid hard maple

Finish: water-based lacquer

In collaboration with: YoungJun Moon and Leah Van Bergeyk

Worked closely with shelter staff and previous residents, two set of benches and storage system were donated commission pieces by Hilditch Architects for the newly renovated shelter – a home for 25 women and children escaping domestic violence. Our team took charge of design and fabrication of children’s playroom furniture. The result was a multipurpose bench system: two different level benches matching seat heights of adults and children, and a rolling bin for storage.

Through research discussions and client meetings, we considered the playroom is not only a place for kids to have fun, but also a resting place for women to enjoy pleasant time with their children to heal from past suffering. Benches are constructed in 2” face frames with solid maple corner blocks and under structures provide extremely strong framework in case of children’s safety. Diverse sizes allow flexibility and variability for multipurpose utilization in a communal environment. By adding animal pattern and color element matching color scheme of the building, we wanted to create a dynamic atmosphere for the spread of happiness and comfort.